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Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours

We welcome visitors to hospital inpatients

Visitors are an integral part of the patient’s well-being, recovery, and adjustment to a short term hospitalization. Pana Community Hospital welcomes visitors to hospital inpatients but requires the following stipulations be followed:

  • There are no specific designated visiting hours. Friends and family may visit during the patient’s waking hours.
  • Patients are limited to having two visitors at a time. Exception to the rule may be made with the permission of the nurse.
  • Visitors or family members must check with the nurse before bringing food in for the patient to assure they are not on a restricted diet while hospitalized.
  • Visitors to a patient must respect the need for privacy and quiet when more than one patient share the same room. It is important that proper respect be shown for the other patient’s family and visitors.
  • Children are welcome to visit for short periods. Family should check with nursing staff if they are unsure about bringing children in to visit.
  • Visitors should use the waiting room at the west end of the Med/Surg unit when it is necessary to leave the patient’s room rather than standing in the hall.
  • Pana Community Hospital is a NO SMOKING facility. Smoking is not permitted in any area of the building.