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PCH Presents Service Awards

PCH Presents Service Awards

February 21st, 2018

Pana Community Hospital hosted its’ annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 9th at Oak Terrace Resort.  Employees and board members enjoyed dinner and special entertainment including “Dueling Pianos” from Howl at the Moon entertainment.  The event also featured presentation of service awards. 

Trina Casner, President and CEO of Pana Community Hospital thanked all the employees present for their dedication to PCH.  “Our hospital wouldn’t be where it is today without the hard work of all our employees,” Casner stated.  Pana Community Hospital is the second largest employer in the community providing jobs to 259 people. 

Those receiving service awards included:

5 years:  Jordan Beeson--Patient Financial Services; Kelli Smith--Health Information Management; Whitney Lewis--Patient Financial Services; Teresa Spencer--Patient Financial Services; Dr. Teodoro--Community Medical Clinic; Amanda Harmston--Med-Surg; Karen Sullens—Emergency; Kinsley Nwoko—Laboratory; Kim Rodgers--Foundation

10 years:  Julie Peacock—Rehab Services; Dr. Terry--Community Medical Clinic; Dr. Laurie--Community Medical Clinic; Pattie Gatons--Community Medical Clinic; Katy McLain--Community Medical Clinic; Blair Angel--Community Medical Clinic; Maribeth Rakers--Community Medical Clinic; Kelly Reed—Administration; Drew Casner—Rehab Services

15 years:  Holly Stark—Laboratory; Tammy Burnett--Med-Surg; Susan Hippard--Quad County; Marla Ainscough—Surgery; Sheila Hollinden--Anesthesia

20 years:  Jennifer Moss—Emergency; Lisa Bloemer--Community Medical Clinic; Marcia Cantrell-- Patient Financial Services

25 years:  Vicky Schaal--Cardiopulmonary

35 years:  Selena Reed--Cardiopulmonary Rehab; Luann Funk--Administration

40 years:  Vicki Pastor--Health Information Management; Cathy White--Health Information Management

Photo Caption:
Pictured are the service award winners who attended the Christmas celebration. Back row:  Kelli Smith, Cathy White, Vicky Schaal, Susan Hippard, Kelly Reed, Blair Angel, Jennifer Moss, Teresa Spencer, and Maribeth Rakers.
Front row:  Katy Mclain, Pattie Gatons, Lisa Bloemer, Vicky Pastor, Dr. Catherine Teodoro, Marsha Cantrell, Jordan Beeson, and Whiteny Lewis