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PCH Main Entrance Now Open

PCH Main Entrance Now Open

June 15th, 2020

Pana Community Hospital announces the main front entrance is now open.  This entrance was temporarily closed in March due to the pandemic as a precautionary measure to screen patients in one centralized location.  The general public will now have two entrances to enter the hospital while all other entrances including the Community Medical Clinic and Medical Mall entrances will remain closed to the public.  All patients and visitors will continue to be screened at both entrances and required to wear a mask upon entering the hospital.  The Emergency and FastCare entrance will be used for emergency and urgent care patients while all other patients and visitors will use the main entrance.  FastCare will begin seeing patients June 29.

At the onset of the pandemic many services had to be suspended.  Currently almost all PCH services are open including surgery, diagnostic imaging, lab, physical therapy, emergency, cardiopulmonary, and LiveWell Fitness.  All specialty clinic physicians and providers at Community Medical Clinic and Pana Medical Group continue to see patients as well as Quad County Home Health.   “We are excited to be opening our services to the community.  We are adhering to strict guidelines including screening and masking of all patients and visitors, limiting one visitor per patient, and implementing enhanced infection control,” stated Trina Casner, President and CEO.  “Although our county and State are seeing a decline in COVID-19 cases, that does not mean we can be lax in our safety guidelines.  It is our duty as a healthcare provider to ensure the safety of our patients remains a top priority and the best way we can do this is by keeping precautions in place to prevent the spread of the virus.”   

As normal operations begin to resume, residents can feel safe in seeking healthcare at hospitals and clinics.  It is now more important than ever to maintain good health practices.  These include continuing regularly scheduled exams, screenings, and elective surgeries.  Seeking emergency care when needed is important as well.  Delaying care can be a serious health concern.  Pana Community Hospital and its’ Primary Care clinics have taken all the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment for our patients and we look forward to serving our community as we have for over 100 years.