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Fundraising Reaches Over $600,000

Fundraising Reaches Over $600,000

July 26th, 2018

On July 2, 2018; some members of the Capital Campaign Steering Committee for the PCH Building Project met to add an additional $100,000 mark to the fundraising sign.  The sign, mounted on the front of the hospital, depicts the progress of the fundraising efforts of the Foundation’s $1.5 million pledge towards the $20.1 million project.  To date, over $650,000 has already been raised through various fundraisers, activities and pledges. 

Progress on the Patient Services addition of the building project continues to move along as work on the interior of the addition is in full swing.  Drywall is almost complete on the basement and 1st floor levels while the second floor walls are about half done.  Crews also continue to work on breaking through the walls on the original building which will connect with the new addition. 

On the exterior of the Patient Services addition, masonry work is complete and fire proof paint is being sprayed on the columns that will be exposed behind the glass.  The glass will be installed on the exterior portion of the building beginning the week of July 23rd.   

New concrete paving has begun on Huber Street just west of Pana Community Hospital.  Currently the road is closed to traffic and is expected to be closed through the end of July.  Phase 1 of the pours will start at 9th Street and go south to the edge of the existing hospital building.   Concrete for the road must cure for at least a week due to the truck traffic that will use the road in the future.  After this portion of Huber is complete, Phase 2 of the concrete paving will continue to the south edge of the Quad County building. 

For more information about making a contribution or pledge to the project, contact Kim Pollman in the Foundation office at 217-562-6340.

Pictured are some of the members of the Capital Campaign Steering Committee – Trina Casner, CEO of PCH, Kim Pollman, Foundation Executive Director, Vicky Gullion, committee co-chair, Gayle McRoberts, committee member, Dick Lees, committee co-chair.  The sign in the background shows the giving level at $600,000.  The bricks in the heart logo will turn navy blue as the levels of the campaign rise.