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Foundation Presents Check for MRI Suite

Foundation Presents Check for MRI Suite

February 3rd, 2023

Brian Sims, Pana Community Hospital Foundation Board Chairman and Derek Ade Foundation Executive Director presented a check for $2,575,000 to Trina Casner, PCH President and CEO; Vickie Coen, Chief Clinical Officer/Nurse Executive and Cindy Miles Diagnostic Imaging Manager.  This money was raised from generous donations to the Foundation and will be used to fund the entire cost of the MRI Suite. 

“The Foundation is proud to support this project which would not be possible without the generous support of our donors.  Time and time again, our community steps up to make sure our hospital is equipped to offer the highest quality of care,” stated Derek Ade, Foundation Director. 

Brain Sims stated: “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was truly blown away after seeing the room in person.  The accommodations and comfort that this suite offers is beyond expectations!  I am thankful the Foundation was able to support this project with the help of our donors.”   

Cindy Miles was able to demonstrate the beautiful ambient lighting and soothing images available to patients.  “Patients choose the color and brightness of lighting in the room, what music to be played while being scanned, and what images to be displayed on a television in the ceiling and monitor or the patient can even choose a DVD movie to watch.  By being able to choose customized sights, sounds, and images, a patient is more at ease while being scanned in our “MRI Caring Suite” than a scan in a standard clinical MRI room,” stated Miles.   

“This room is one of a kind,” stated Trina Casner. “We wanted an MRI suite that provides the highest quality images with a patient experience that is calming and that is exactly what we got.”  

The GE magnet is a 3T (or 3-Tesla) which is the strength of the magnet.  The high-quality images available will provide detailed images that providers will use prior to surgery or to better diagnose patients.  The images will be especially useful to the four Orthopedic surgeons that now offer joint replacement including hip, knee, and shoulder replacement surgeries at Pana Community Hospital.   

The MRI unit will be officially “turned on” Monday, February 6th at which point cameras and unauthorized staff will not be allowed in the suite.  Training for MRI staff will be held and then the hospital will await IDPH approval on the project before patient appointments begin.  Diagnostic Imaging hopes to offer the first MRI scan to patients in mid to late March. 


Photo Caption:
Pictured are Trina Casner, President and CEO of Pana Community Hospital; Cindy Miles, Diagnostic Imaging Manager; Vickie Coen, Chief Clinical Officer/Nurse Executive with Brian Sims, Pana Community Hospital Foundation Board Chairman, and Derek Ade Executive Director of the Foundation.  The Foundation presented a check for $2,575,000 to PCH for the MRI Caring Suite.