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Festival of Trees Bidding Has Begun

Festival of Trees Bidding Has Begun

November 7th, 2017

The Pana Community Hospital Medical Mall is beautifully decorated with Christmas trees, wreaths, and holiday décor.  Items on display are part of the Festival of Trees auction which is going on now through Thursday, November 16th.  There are 39 unique items up for auction from trees filled with toys, beautiful holiday wreaths, and a stunning Christmas place setting complete with table service and centerpiece.   Bidders can view the items in the medical mall or on-line at


Bids for the items must be made on-line only at  The advantage is that the bidder does not have to be present to make their bids but can do so on–line 24/7 and monitor the bids up to the close on Nov. 16th.  It is an easy process to register for the auction to allow you to bid from the comfort of your home.  Residents out of town may also bid on the item and select to have the item shipped to them at an additional cost. 


The decorations are on display in the hospital’s Medical Mall with the mall being open from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Photos of each item are also on-line at the auction website.   To assist those that may not be familiar with on-line bidding, Foundation Director Kim Rodgers is available to help people get set-up and be ready to make bids.  Rodgers office is located in the medical mall or she is available by calling 562-6340.    


Winners of the final bids, may pickup their trees or wreaths on Friday, November  17th or  Saturday, November 18th.  For questions regarding the Festival of Trees, call Kim Rodgers at 217-562-6340. The Festival of Trees fundraising event is a combined effort of Pana Community Hospital Foundation and Faith-In-Action.  Proceeds will benefit the PCH Expansion Project and transportation costs for Faith-In-Action.  The Foundation and Faith-In-Action would like to thank all businesses and individuals who have donated items for this holiday event.  


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Pana Community Hospital’s Medical Mall is decorated with beautiful Christmas trees, wreaths and other holiday décor.  You may bid on these items at until November 16th.