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Embrace Grief Support Now Meeting

Embrace Grief Support Now Meeting

November 16th, 2021

Quad County Hospice offers a grief support group called “Embrace” open to anyone suffering from the loss of a loved one.  This group meets the first and third Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Quad County office building located just behind Pana Community Hospital on 8 Huber Ave.  The group was forced to suspend meetings for some time due to COVID restrictions, but is now meeting again.

Grief is a difficult thing to experience and can be hard to face alone.  Embrace provides a support group to help you get through.  Meetings are facilitated by Rosemary Horsthemke, Wendell Culberson, and Kathy Culberson.  The next meeting will be Thursday, November 18.  In December the group will meet December 2nd and December 16th.  To learn more about Embrace, call Tom Culberson, Quad County Director at 217-562-6380.  All current CDC guidelines will be followed to ensure the safety of our group.

Pictured are Embrace facilitators Wendell Culberson, Kathy Culberson, and Rosemary Horsthemke.