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Derek Ade Named Foundation Director

Derek Ade Named Foundation Director

May 6th, 2021

The Pana Community Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Derek Ade to the position of Foundation Executive Director.  Derek began his duties as Director on May 3, 2021.


Ade has resided in Pana his entire life graduating from Pana High School in 2010 and Illinois College in 2014 with a Bachelors degree in Management and Organizational Leadership.  He also played golf and basketball while at Illinois College.  Derek is the son of Gary and Lori Ade of Pana.  He and his wife Emily are parents to a new daughter, Cora born on April 22, 2021.     


"I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my hometown community, as the new Foundation Director," stated Ade.  "Pana Community Hospital is an integral part of this Community, and its surrounding service areas. I am going to strive for continued success of the Pana Community Hospital Foundation, and look forward to this new adventure!"


The Foundation Executive Director works with the Foundation Board of Directors and is responsible for overseeing the PCH Foundation in its mission of securing additional funds for current and future needs of the hospital.  These funds are used to continually upgrade and expand the services PCH offers its patients. 


Brian Sims, Foundation Chairman, stated: “On behalf of the Foundation Board, we would like to welcome Derek to the position of Executive Director.  The board is excited that Derek has joined our team and we all look forward to working with him.”