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CMC and PMG offer Video Visits

CMC and PMG offer Video Visits

April 7th, 2020

The Community Medical Clinic and Pana Medical Group are now able to see patients virtually through a new application called “Video Visits”.  This is extremely useful during this time when the spread of the COVID-19 virus is a concern and patients are being asked to stay home when possible.  “I conducted my first video visit this past week and everything went well,” stated Dr. Terry Cunnington of the Community Medical Clinic.  “I am so thankful we have this option as an added layer of protection for our patients who do not need to be seen in the office.”

Pana Community Hospital’s physician clinics including Community Medical Clinic and Pana Medical Group and satellite offices in Assumption, Nokomis and Ramsey were preparing to offer Video Visits in early June of this year, but due to COVID-19 implementation of these visits was expedited. 

Jacci Ishmael of Pana was the first person to try the new video visit with Dr. Cunnington.  Jacci called the Community Medical Clinic with some prescription questions for her 11 year old daughter Maggie and had also noticed her younger daughter Lucy had developed a rash.  “Dr. Cunnington suggested we have a video visit instead of coming into the office and I was happy to try it,” stated Ishmael. 

Patients wanting to schedule a video visit must first set up an account through the clinic’s Patient Portal before the video visit can take place.  Lisa Bloemer, CMC Physician Practice Manager, assisted Jacci in setting up her account.  “It was a very simple process and the staff was very helpful,” Ishmael said.

Patients who have an account on the patient portal can request a video visit when making an appointment at either the CMC or Pana Medical Group clinics.  Video visits cannot take the place of exams in which the attending physician must check the patient’s vital signs or if the patient requires any testing to determine illness.  The physician or nurse practitioner must determine whether or not a video visit is appropriate.  “I could see and hear Dr. Terry very well during our video visit.  My daughters were able to speak with him as well and the girls felt very comfortable with this type of visit.  I felt the exam was just as beneficial as if we had gone into the clinic,” Ishmael explained.

"The Video Visits are a great tool for many problems, especially right now when the most important thing we can do to keep everyone healthy is to stay home.  This also will have a role going forward for certain visit types where in-person contact isn't needed," stated Cunnington.


“I believe the Video Visit was great.  I didn’t have to subject myself or my children to other potentially sick patients in the clinic.  In the future this will be helpful for working parents who may not be able to take their child to the doctor’s office,” Ishmael commented.