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Hospice Volunteers

Hospice Volunteers

Quad County Hospice Volunteers are a very special kind of volunteer. Their hearts and their unconditional kindness cannot be measured. Quad County Hospice Volunteer Program has many types of volunteering opportunities.


Administrative Volunteer

Volunteers who prefer to work in an office setting can offer many clerical opportunities: Making “Care Calls” to Patients/Families, filing, computer work, help with mailings, writing Thinking of You cards and Thank You cards, making admission packets, and other general office assistance.


Patient/Family Volunteer

Quad County Hospice Volunteers provide companionship to patients/families which will enhance the quality of life.  Visits are done in Private Homes, Assisted Living Faculties, Nursing Home Care Faculties, and in an Inpatient Hospital Room. Volunteers are always needed for patient/family support. Volunteer support might include: short friendly neighbor visits, scheduled visits for family respite, providing companionship, writing letters for patient, reading to the patient for example: Bible, newspaper, mail, etc., watching TV, playing cards/games, looking at family albums, the options are endless.  


Veteran to Veteran Volunteer

Veteran Volunteers are placed with a Veteran Hospice Patient to provide a special bond of companionship. Veterans can talk about life events that they have experienced firsthand with a volunteer that will understand and relate to the Veterans mental needs.  Veteran volunteers also offer a special Veteran Pinning Ceremony.  Call our office to learn more about this special ceremony to pay tribute to a veteran's service to our country.  


Chaplain Volunteers

Spiritual support is provided by the Chaplain weekly or as requested to the hospice patient and or family/friends.


Bereavement Volunteers

Quad County Hospice provides support to the bereaved families and close friends for a period of 13 months following the death of our  

patients. As a volunteer you can help with our bereavement Group “Embrace”. Volunteers can help Facilitate and provide support and guidance in a group setting.


Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Memorial Volunteers—Annual Hospice Memorial is in November. A Memorial Service is provided for families who have lost loved ones over the prior year.  Support from volunteers is needed with addressing invitations, decorating for event, serving refreshments, and socializing with bereaved families.   

  • Care Blankets/Military Care Blankets—making handmade tie blankets with matching pillows that are given out to every hospice patient.  Veterans receive a tie blanket that matches their branck of service and given at the pinning ceremony.

  • Prayer Shawls—crochet or knitted prayer shawls are handmade and are given out upon request.  


Contact Volunteer Coordinator- Sam Burton at 217-562-6290 if you would like to be a volunteer for
Quad County Hospice.