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Nutritional Services

Nutritional Services

The Nutritional Service department provides our patients with nutritious meals tailored to their specific health conditions while meeting the required standards. The department provides teaching and outpatient counseling to those patients who have medical conditions that require an accustomed and monitored diet. 


Home Bound Meals

The Home Bound Meals program is a cooperative effort between the Dietary Department of Pana Community Hospital and a very dedicated group of volunteers. At the request of a physician, meals are provided to anyone in our service areas, regardless of age, who has special dietary needs or who cannot prepare meals themselves. Two meals are delivered daily by very caring individuals who volunteer their time even on weekends, holidays, and those rough weather days. One meal is hot and ready to eat and the other gets refrigerated to be eaten later. Together the two meals meet two-thirds of the U.S.D.A. daily nutritional requirements.  The cost of the meals is $4.00 per day and the total is billed monthly. 


Catering Services

The department also offers convenient catering services at a competitive rate for weddings, reunions, small gathering, birthdays, funerals, or any other special events. 


Dietary Counseling

Laura Jacob is a Registered Dietitian who provides outpatient dietary counseling to those patients who have medical conditions that require an adjusted and monitored diet.


For more information about Pana Community Hospital's Dietary call 217-562-6323.