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Hospital Services

The Cardiopulmonary Department provides a wide variety of therapeutic and …Read More
Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Pana Community Hospital’s Cardiopulmonary Rehab program is designed for patients …Read More
Breast Care Services
Breast Care Services We offer dedicated breast health and wellness …Read More
Bridge to Home Services
The Bridge to Home program at Pana Community Hospital can …Read More
Emergency Care
The Pana Community Hospital Emergency Department is staffed 24 hours …Read More
Imaging Services
The Diagnostic Imaging Department at Pana Community Hospital makes a …Read More
Inpatient Services
Inpatient services is comprised of a team of skilled and …Read More
Laboratory & Testing
Laboratory testing is essential to providing high quality patient care. …Read More
LiveWell Fitness
  LiveWell Fitness presents an environment to assist individuals from …Read More
Nutritional Services
The Nutritional Service department provides our patients with nutritious meals …Read More
The Rehabilitation Department at Pana Community Hospital is a leading …Read More
Specialty Clinics
Pana Community Hospital brings physicians, specialists and a variety of …Read More
Pana Community Hospital is excited to announce the Patient Services …Read More
Patient Transportation Services
Pana Community Hospital Offers Transport Service for Its Patients Pana …Read More